2015 NALEO Educational Fund Directory of Latino Elected Officials


The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) Educational Fund is
pleased to provide you with its second Directory of Latino Elected Officials in flash drive format.
This Introduction describes the content of the flash drive, and includes instructions on how to use it.

Directory Content
The Directory consists of three sections. These sections are the "Introduction," the "Latino Members of Congress," and the "United States and State Portraits."

Introduction: This includes the Directory’s preface, acknowledgments, a guide to navigating the Directory’s Excel database, and a description of our methodology. 

Latino Members of Congress:  This includes a list of all Latino U.S. Senators and Representatives, and their Capitol Hill and district contact information.

United States and State Portraits:  These sections include an overall statistical portrait of Latino elected officials in the United States and for the following states:  Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Texas.

Excel Database
This flash drive also contains a listing of all of the Directory’s Latino elected officials in a Microsoft Excel databaseIt is important to remember that this listing generally only includes officials who were in office as of June 2015 (for State Legislators) or as of January 2015 (for all other elected officials).  Several jurisdictions may have had elections since that date, and the results of those elections are not reflected in the database.  This should be taken into account when using the database for statistical analyses or other purposes. 

Explanation of Fields:
Jurisdiction:  This field provides the name of the jurisdiction for every elected official.

Fax numbers and E-mail addresses:  If there was no fax number or e-mail address available for an elected official, this field was left blank.

Level of office:  This field is coded with a letter than indicates the level of office at which the elected official serves.

“A” – U.S. Senator
“a” – U.S. Representative
“b” – Governor
“c” – State Executive
“d” – State Senator
“e” – State Representative or Assemblymember
“f” –  County official
“g” – Municipal official
“h” – Judicial/law enforcement official
“i” –  Education/school board official
“x” – Special district official (such as water, conservation, irrigation, or hospital districts)

Political party:  The codes in this field indicate the party affiliation of the elected officials, as follows:

“DEM” – Democrat
“GOP” – Republican
“IND” – Independent
“N-P” – Serves in a non-partisan office
“*”  – Unaffiliated with any political party, or unable to determine affiliation   

If you have any questions about the Excel database or other files on this flash drive, please
do not hesitate to contact Martha Recio of the NALEO Educational Fund by phone
at (213) 747-7606, ext. 4448, or by e-mail at [email protected].  Although the
NALEO Educational Fund employs an extensive variety of methods to identify Latino
office holders, and we are highly confident of the names included, as a result of the frequent
turnover in elected offices, the Directory may contain some errors or omissions. It is our
hope that in future editions of the Directory, these errors will be corrected.  All
readers of the Directory are urged to contact Ms. Recio to provide information on
Latino elected officials not currently included.


Directory Credits
Martha Recio: Directory Coordinator
Guillermo R. Morales: Verification Assistant
Marco Alarcón: Graphic Design
Rene Vasquez: Flash-drive Technical Advisor