With Latinos now the nation’s second largest population group and one out of every six Americans, full and accurate data about the Latino community are critical for our country’s economic, social and civic well-being.

What is the Census?

Our future prosperity and well-being depend upon the quality of the information collected by the Census Bureau about our population and infrastructure. Census data guides a wide range of decisions made in the public and private sectors that affect the lives of all Americans. The data are used to ensure the effective allocation of billions of dollars in federal, state and local funding. Local and state officials rely upon Census data to show where new schools, roads, and other public facilities should be built, just as businesses look to the Census to help them determine where the necessary workforce or consumer base exists to support production and sales facilities. Without the Census Bureau having the necessary resources our nation will not be able to capture an accurate and cost-efficient portrait of the Latino community and all communities of color in Census 2020, which means an ineffective allocation of resources and funds.

The quality of the 2020 Census is already in imminent danger, because the Census Bureau has delayed or canceled a number of planned activities due to uncertainty about its budget. Cost overruns, and ultimately, a less-accurate Census, will follow if the agency is not able to quickly resume preparatory efforts such as in-office address canvassing tests, advertising and community partnership-building.


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