Welcome! For those of you who have recently been elected to public office, congratulations, and welcome to the NALEO familia! Now, the real work begins.

NALEO Educational Fund has created this virtual space to provide newly-elected Latino policymakers from different levels of government with information and resources that can better prepare them for their first term in office.

NALEO is a place where you can learn, share, network, recharge, and gain renewed inspiration to continue working on improving the lives of your constituents.

This space, created just for you, contains curated information and resources from NALEO Educational Fund and sister organizations that also serve elected officials.

Since 1996, NALEO Educational Fund’s National Institute for Newly-Elected Officials has provided unique training to newly-elected officials every two years. We have continued the tradition by hosting the NALEO 2020 Legislative Summit for Newly-Elected, Continuing, and Senior State Legislators (which can be accessed here) and the NALEO Leadership Summit for Newly-Elected and Experienced Local Policymakers that will be held in August 2021. Dates and program information are forthcoming.

If you are not yet a paid member of NALEO, we invite you to become a member now.

Thank you for your leadership and service to your community and our nation.



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