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Latinos comprise 18 percent of the U.S. population and must be fully represented throughout our government. Our nation’s prosperity and well-being depend on its ability to address the full array of issues affecting the Latino community and all Americans.

Through the Mirror America Project, we are committed to working with President Joe Biden, Latino leaders, and partner organizations to ensure that Latinos make up at least 20 percent of positions in the Administration and throughout our government. This commitment will reflect the true diversity of our population and help move government closer to a place where it can fully benefit from the wealth and talent Latinos bring to public service.

The Mirror America Project aims to provide resources to qualified Latinos seeking opportunities to put their skills to work on behalf the Administration and the American people.


2021 NALEO Presidential Appointments Primer
The 2021 NALEO Appointments Primer walks applicants through the appointments process. Readers will obtain comprehensive information about the positions available throughout our government, how to determine if they are suited for specific positions, and how to apply.

NALEO Presidential Appointments Form

Individuals interested in serving in the Biden-Harris Administration and seek support from NALEO Educational Fund can fill out the NALEO Presidential Appointments Form.

(Gmail Account required.)

Press Release

March 10, 2021
Launch of Mirror America Project

NALEO Educational Fund announces the Mirror America Project and the 2021 NALEO Appointments Primer.


Opportunities in theBiden-Harris Administration


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