A non-partisan membership association whose constituency includes Latino elected and appointed officials from across the country
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Dear Prospective NALEO Member:

Our nation is at a critical juncture for Latinos and all Americans. With issues like education, healthcare, infrastructure, voting rights, and immigration at the forefront of our nation’s policy agenda, elected and appointed officials have an unprecedented opportunity to help America’s communities thrive — but with this opportunity comes a tremendous responsibility.

In addition to your day-to-day leadership duties, how do you keep your professional skills sharp, remain aware of emerging policy issues, and prepare for the unexpected? On top of this, how do you find the time to practice self-care and wellness to be the best version of yourself for your constituents?

This is where NALEO comes in.

The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) is distinct in its ability to convene Latino elected and appointed officials from across the country, across the aisle, and from many backgrounds and cultures. In our increasingly divisive world, the NALEO Network is where all Latino elected and appointed officials are encouraged to come together to learn, grow, and evolve as leaders.

That is why it is my pleasure to invite you — a leader on the frontlines for our communities — to join me as a NALEO Member. Become part of our non-profit, non-partisan membership organization committed to ensuring the nation’s more than 7,000 (and growing!) Latino elected and appointed officials are effective advocates for their communities and for their own health and wellness.

We hope you will take us with you along your political journey — and remember: your NALEO familia is always here to help when questions arise.

Un abrazo,

E. Junior Maldonado
NALEO President
Hudson County Clerk, New Jersey
Lifetime Member

More about NALEO

Established in 1976, the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) is a 501(c)(4) non-partisan membership organization whose constituency includes the nation’s more than 6,800 elected and appointed Latino officials.

NALEO is governed by a 35 member Board of Directors comprised of the nation’s Latino elected and appointed leadership with ex-officio representatives from Hispanic Elected Local Officials (HELO) of the National League of Cities, the National School Board Association’s National Hispanic Caucus of School Board Members, the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

For more information on NALEO or how to join the largest network of Latino elected and appointed officials, contact the NALEO Membership Department at (213) 765-9430 or at [email protected].