Latino leaders bring a wealth of talent and skills to public service.
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NALEO Educational Fund advocates vigorously for the appointment of qualified Latinos to top positions in the executive and judicial branches of government.  We also work to educate Latinos about appointment opportunities and to provide them with technical assistance to pursue these important leadership positions.

The United States continues to be enriched by the wealth of talent and skills Latinos bring to public service. Latino leaders from across the country are ready to put their experience and expertise to work to help move our country forward.  However, the gap between the share of the Latino population and the share of Latino appointments at the federal and state level is unacceptable.  Latino leaders possess a deep understanding of a broad range of issues that affect their communities and all Americans.  We cannot afford to lose the knowledge and commitment Latinos offer our nation. 

Following every Presidential election, as the Administration prepares to enter the White House, NALEO Educational Fund releases the NALEO Presidential Appointment Primer. The Primer provides general information about the Presidential appointment process, the positions that are available and steps to securing a post in the new administration.  The Primer also addresses NALEO Educational Fund’s advocacy work on Presidential appointment issues.

NALEO Educational Fund conducts its appointment advocacy in partnership with the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda (NHLA), a coalition of 36 of the nation’s preeminent national Latino organizations.  We are a lead partner with the NHLA on a pilot effort to promote the appointment of qualified Latinos to state positions in California and Nevada.

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