Welcome to the first-ever NALEO Educational Fund Blog!

Its official – NALEO Educational Fund has entered the blogosphere!

The launch of our newly redesigned website gives us the opportunity to offer you a deeper look at the scope of our work and provide a space for us to address some of the most pressing issues affecting Latinos and all Americans.

With Latinos now the second largest population group in the nation, the community has definitely put its stamp on our nation’s political and social landscape. As the nation’s leading nonprofit organization that facilitates the full participation of Latinos in the American political process, NALEO Educational Fund is at the forefront of ensuring the continued progress of our community.

Since 1981, NALEO Educational Fund has worked to integrate Latinos into the American political society and enhance the leadership skills of the nation’s more than 6,000 Latino elected and appointed officials. NALEO Educational Fund’s efforts include offering professional development, promoting policies that advance Latinos, and facilitate with their participation in our democracy.

With our new publishing portal – the NALEO Educational Fund Blog – we aim to further our mission by drawing attention to a variety of issues affecting the Latino community today, including: citizenship, education, health, immigration and voting rights.  We also hope to highlight some of the great work Latino leaders are doing across the country.

Here’s what you can expect to see from the NALEO Educational Fund Blog:

Trending stories – Stay up-to-date with national top stories that are having an impact on the Latino community.

NALEO updates – Get the latest on NALEO Educational Fund’s voting and citizenship campaigns and events, as well as updates on our prominent board members, membership and staff.

Latinos on the Rise – Find out what Latinos are doing to help make a difference and policymakers making waves in their constituencies.

Live blogging – Follow NALEO Educational Fund to our professional development trainings, institutes, press briefings, annual events and more.  

Get to Know – Read stories from every day people who attend our civic engagement events.  Their American experience will help paint a full picture of Latino life today.

Guest bloggers – Enjoy posts from policy experts, policymakers and leaders invited to lend their voice on a variety of hot topics.

We invite YOU to be also be a part of the NALEO Educational Fund Blog! Use the social sharing buttons at the end of each post to share our blog posts with your networks on Facebook and Twitter and invite others to join the conversation.

Excited for the NALEO Educational Fund blog? Check back soon as NALEO Educational Fund embarks into the blogging world! 


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