How Do I?

Learn how to empower yourself and participate fully in the American political process
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Your role in our democracy is a very important one.

You make decisions every day that affect your well-being, your family, and your community. You decide to become a U.S. citizen and fully integrate into American democracy. You choose to register to vote. You elect the leaders and policymakers that represent you and fight on your behalf. You resolve to organize your community to take a stand and make your voices heard. You become a champion for your community and maybe even run for public office. 

The choices you make influence the course our country takes. They are the driving force that makes our democracy strong. Here you will find a variety of resources to help you make these choices, from becoming a U.S. citizen to registering to vote to casting an informed ballot. Whether you are a Legal Permanent Resident ready to naturalize or a first-time voter ready to make your vote count, these resources will help you take the next step in becoming a stronger champion for your community.