The need for a legislative fix to our nation’s broken immigration system
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In accordance with principles adopted by our Board of Directors, NALEO Educational Fund advocates for bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform that will fix our broken immigration system and bring the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country today out of the shadows. 

We promote legislation that provides a timely path to U.S. citizenship for law-abiding, tax-paying newcomers.  NALEO Educational Fund believes that comprehensive immigration reform must include a balanced approach which protects national security, unites families, strengthens borders and provides immigrant youth with educational opportunities.  We also advocate for the reduction of visa backlogs and a path to citizenship for Temporary Protected Status grantees.  

NALEO Educational Fund plays a key leadership role by working to ensure that comprehensive immigration reform includes measures that reduce barriers to naturalization and promote the integration of newcomers.  These measures provide greater opportunities for immigrants to become full Americans, learn English and U.S. history, and gain the tools needed to thrive in our nation’s economy and participate in our political process.  

Immigrants and their families are already playing a vital role in communities across the country. Economists estimate that comprehensive immigration reform could grow our economy by more than five percent and $1.4 trillion dollars over the next two decades.  NALEO Educational Fund will continue to advocate vigorously for bipartisan commonsense legislation that brings our nation’s immigration system into the 21st century, promotes America’s prosperity and upholds our national values. 

Principles of National Association of Latino Elected 
and Appointed Officials (NALEO) and NALEO Educational Fund on a 
Balanced Approach to Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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