In The News – 2017

The New York Times | December 9, 2017

With 2020 Census Looming, Worries About Fairness and Accuracy

The Mercury News Online | December 7, 2017

2020 Census will be a disaster for California without more money

KPCC-FM Online | December 2, 2017

Trump delays decision on race and ethnicity census data

HuffPost | November 30, 2017

Experts Are Really, Really Worried About The State Of The 2020 Census

The New York Times | October 27, 2017

Citizenship Applications in the U.S. Surge as Immigration Talk Toughens

NJTV | October 4, 2017

Task force aims to increase number of Latinos in state government

Vox | September 2, 2017

Trump’s hard line on immigration could threaten the accuracy of the census

Latino Rebels | August 26, 2017

Latino Leaders: Presidential Pardon of Arpaio an Insult and Affront to Latino and Immigrant Communities

Cronkite News (Arizona PBS) | August 23, 2017

Phoenix officials promise ‘thorough’ review of police response after Trump rally

Observer | July 18, 2017

NJ Gov Race: NJPAC, William Paterson Selected for Debates

Facing South | June 28, 2017

Census challenges jeopardize efforts towards greater equity in the South

NBC News | June 28, 2017

Opinion: Here’s How Texas Should Give Its Immigration Law the Boot

USA Today | June 28, 2017

Diaz: Arizona is electing more Latinos, but does it really matter?

The Guardian | June 26, 2017

Texas Latinos greet court date for ‘show me your papers’ SB4 immigration law

Los Angeles Times | June 23, 2017

California politicians are in Dallas despite new ban on state employees traveling to Texas

Dallas Morning News | June 22, 2017

Latino officials take hard-line stance against Texas’ ‘sanctuary cities’ ban

Business Insider | May 30, 2017

Oregon lawmaker from Mexico assails Trump’s immigration crackdown

Dallas Morning News | May 19, 2017

Sanctuary cities law to be focus at national gathering of Latino leaders in Dallas

NBC Los Angeles | May 10, 2017

NBC4’s Conan Nolan and Telemundo 52’s Dunia Elvir Moderate 34th Congressional District Candidate Forum

The Hill | April 26, 2017

Supreme Court skeptical of broad power to revoke citizenship

The Washington Post | April 18, 2017

Census watchers warn of a crisis if funding for 2020 count is not increased

Los Angeles Times | April 16, 2017

Census officials want to change how they count people in 2020, but observers say there isn’t enough money

NPR | March 28, 2017

Run-Up To Census 2020 Raises Concerns Over Security And Politics

NBC News | March 7, 2017

Latino Group NALEO Honors Republican Lawmakers Despite Criticism of Trump

PopSugar | March 6, 2017

8 Organizations Latinas Who Want to Make a Difference Should Get Involved With

Newsday | February 16, 2017

Donald Trump announces Alexander Acosta as labor secretary pick

CNN Politics | January 19, 2017

Trump’s spokesman on Cabinet: ‘It’s not just about skin color or ethnic heritage’

Los Angeles Times | January 18, 2017

For attorney general nominee Xavier Becerra, immigration is a personal issue

POLITCIO | January 17, 2017

Trump’s missing Cabinet secretary

New York Daily News | January 12, 2017

Hispanic leaders urge Trump’s team to add Latino Cabinet pick amid lack of diversity criticism

NBC News | January 3, 2017

Latinos See Historic ‘Firsts’ As New Congress Gets Started