Our Mission

The Juntos Podemos (Together We Can) campaign is working to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by providing easily accessible resources, promoting vaccine uptake, and combating misinformation so that together, we can foster an even more resilient Latino community.

In partnership with Kaiser Permanente, this three-pillar campaign sits at the intersection of public health awareness and community empowerment.


As the world continues to face an unprecedented public health crisis, the health and safety of our communities remain a high priority. Protecting yourself and your loved ones with trusted information about COVID-19 is critical to keeping our communities healthy and strong so that we can beat the virus together.

Get Vaccinated

Now that vaccines are here, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is why when it is your turn to receive it, get it to help protect your family, friends, and community. Keep wearing your mask, distancing, and washing your hands. In continuing to follow public health guidelines together we move closer to being able to put the pandemic behind us.

cOrrect the record

With all the misinformation out there about COVID-19, vaccines, and how to best protect yourself, it is understandable to find it all overwhelming. That is why through offering vital resources and accurate information, this campaign is setting out to empower you to help our communities by setting the record straight on COVID-19 and saving lives in the process.


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