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What Members Have to Say

“We measure our success as we grow our NALEO membership base. We share ideas, experiences, policy issues, and best practices that have worked in different areas of the country. NALEO provides an incredible networking opportunity to CONNECT with other Latino public servants.”

Hon. Rafael M. Anchia, (D-TX)
Texas State Representative

“NALEO members represent all political parties, all levels of government, and diverse constituencies from urban centers to rural communities. NALEO continually offers elected officials unique networking and training opportunities aimed at enhancing our LEADERSHIP skills.”

Hon. Adolfo Carrión, Jr., (D-NY)
Former Bronx Borough President, New York City

“I would have never attempted these two projects [“Right Bites” and ‘SPARK Park”] without the training I received from NALEO!”

Hon. Susan Galindo, (R-TX)
North East Independent School District Board President

“NALEO offers the most in depth information at a local, state, and federal level. I have been involved with other Latino organizations but NALEO comes on top when it comes to timely issues and organizing the programs well.”

Hon. Rene Garcia, (R-FL) 
Florida State Senate 
NALEO Educational Fund Board Member & Lifetime Member

“My involvement at the NALEO Institute has grown my personal network substantially and has provided me a strong support system of elected officials I can bounce ideas off and learn from them.”

Hon. Ed Gonzalez (D-TX)
Harris County Sherriff, TX
NALEO Board Member

“NALEO made an enormous impact on me at the Newly Elected Training back in 2002 that since then, I have been a firm believer in the organization and a staunch proponent of our programs and services.”

Hon. Sergio De Leon, (NP-TX)
Tarrant County Justice of the Peace, Precinct 5

“I am grateful to NALEO and the sponsors for providing me with the tools and resources to make me a champion for Public Health in my community. My city is a better city because of the training I received in these institutes.”

Hon. Michele Martinez (D-CA)
Santa Ana City Council Member
Former NALEO President

“As a member of NALEO, I have been provided with many opportunities to broaden my leadership, GOVERNING, and policy-making skills through the NALEO Education Leadership Initiative, the National Institute for Newly Elected Officials and the Annual Conference. As a school board member from a small and rural district, I have met and worked with many Latino officials from the city, state and federal levels at NALEO seminars. This networking connects our roles and responsibilities as elected officials to provide excellent leadership.”

Hon. Cynthia Matus-Morriss, (D-AZ)
Patagonia School Board Member

“I would like to encourage all newly elected officials to become a member of NALEO. NALEO plays a role in the development of the elected officials. The workshops and the different programs that NALEO has to offer are first quality, the workshops are in-depth and they cover a variety of topics from education to healthcare. 

And also it gives the opportunity for those who attend conferences to share ideas, to look at best practices, to emulate some of those policies in our state.” 

Hon. Joseph Miro,(R-DE)
Delaware State Representative

“My experience with NALEO has been instrumental. Throughout the years NALEO has certainly provided me with a great deal of resource and information. It is also an opportunity for me to meet my other colleagues throughout the country; it is an invaluable experience. It has been incredibly important for me to learn and develop from the many important issues that have been made available.”  

Hon. Nellie Pou, (D-NJ)
New Jersey State Senator 

“At NALEO’s September 2012 National Policy Institute on Emergency Planning and Preparedness, I obtained the tools I needed to organize emergency preparedness and awareness events so that members of my community would be better equipped in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Hon. Nellie Pou, (D-NJ)
New Jersey State Senator 

“I ask you to join NALEO. I’ve learned so much from all my colleagues from around the country. It is an opportunity for networking, an opportunity to support each other and make sure we are learning from the best practices that other states and other places throughout the country are doing. Join NALEO and make sure you register for so many of their summits and training opportunities and I know we can all be better for working together.”

Hon. Luz Robles, (D-UT)
Utah State Senator

“NALEO has been a great asset to me in my growth as a legislator because it has brought me around other Latino legislators throughout the country. NALEO provides the venue for us to get together in a comfortable setting so that we can talk about what are the things that are affecting us directly and what we can do collectively to make sure we are addressing problems in our own communities. NALEO brings us together, as individuals, to incubate ideas that we normally would not have the opportunity to do in our own communities.”

Hon. Jeffrey Sánchez, (D-MA)
Massachusetts State Representative 

“I encourage anyone who is trying to go into their new position as a state lawmaker to register with NALEO, get trained, to get the appropriate guidance so you can be a-heck-of-a Latino representative!”

Hon. Harvey Santana, (D-MI)
Michigan State Representative

“Being a member not only helps you meet new people, meet new legislators across the state, but also helps you in developing your policy and fact checking and giving you other key information that you otherwise would not have. I encourage you to join NALEO and become a great state lawmaker. It’s only a benefit for you and your career.”

Hon. Anna Tovar, (D-AZ)
Arizona State Senator

“As a lifetime member of NALEO, I have participated in excellent professional development workshops to build my capacity, previously as a school board member and currently as a Community College Trustee. NALEO has provided me with the opportunity to build relationships with elected officials from across the state and nation, share our experiences and learn from each other.”

Hon. John Vargas, (R –CA) 
President, Board of Trustees El Camino Community College District, CA
NALEO Vice President & Lifetime Member 

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