Resources for Latino school board members, municipal and county officials, state legislators and federal elected and appointed officials.
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Across the country, Latinos are demonstrating their ability to secure appointments and win contests at all levels of office.

According to research on Latino representation conducted prior to Election 2014 for the 2014 NALEO Directory of Latino Elected Officials, nearly 6,100 Latinos are serving in elected office nationwide. 

NALEO Educational Fund is committed to working with these Latino officials to ensure that they have the skills and information necessary to thrive as effective advocates for their communities.

As part of these efforts, NALEO Educational Fund hosts a number of policy institutes and summits for Latino elected and appointed officials throughout the year. These events provide our nation’s Latino policymakers with the opportunity to receive direct training and technical assistance on a variety of pressing issues facing the nation today, including education, healthcare and emergency preparedness.

Latino policymakers are able to hear from leading experts and Latino officials who are at the forefront of groundbreaking practices in their communities at these events. NALEO Educational Fund also allows Latino elected and appointed officials to build a network of support with fellow policymakers that will enable them to help one another as they work to improve their communities.

In addition to institutes and summits, NALEO Educational Fund also hosts webinars throughout the year that permit Latino policymakers to further their leadership and policy expertise online. These resources and more can be found in our virtual classroom