Staff Directory

Complete directory of NALEO Educational Fund staff
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Arturo Vargas
Chief Executive Officer
Erica Bernal–Martinez
Chief Operating Officer
Karyn Piña
Chief Strategy Officer
Rosalind Gold
Chief Public Policy Officer
Juan C. Vargas
Chief Financial Officer


Los Angeles, CA

National Office

Misael Alvarado
Development Manager

Melissa Argue
Accounting Associate

Rodrigo Armenta
Senior Data Coordinator – Civic Engagement

Aly Ashton
Budget Analyst Accountant

Elizabeth Barrera 
Accounting Associate

Martha Beall
Membership Services Manager – Constituency Services

Adriana Benitez
Program Coordinator – Constituency Services

Dorian Caal
Director of Civic Engagement Research

Cristina Camacho
Regional Census Campaign Manager

Luz Castro
California Program Coordinator

Adán Chávez
Deputy Director of National Census Program

Jacqueline Coto
State Director of Civic Engagement Policy

Lizette Escobedo
Director of National Census Program

Maria F. Fernandez
Senior Manager of Special Events

Ely Flores
California Director of Civic Engagement

Ronald Garcia
Administration and Grants Manager

Martha González
California Program Manager

Zaida Gonzalez
Program Coordinator – Constituency Services

Giovany Hernandez
California Senior Census Program Manager

Karina Hernandez
Program Manager of Constituency Services – Education

Omar Huitzil
Administrative & Operations Associate

Samuel Marquez
Program Manager – Constituency Services

Monica Medina
Program Coordinator – Constituency Services

Myra Miranda
Regional Census Campaign Manager

Abigail Moreno
Development Coordinator

Darlene Moreno
Regional Census Campaign Manager

Freddy S. Pech
Senior Creative Manager

Ivon Peña
Administrative and Grants Coordinator – Civic Engagement

Alejandra Perez Hernandez
Junior Visual Designer

Lidia Plascencia Perez
Administrative Assistant and Receptionist

Raúl Preciado
Ve y Vota Program Manager

Olivia Quiñones
Development Manager of Corporate Relations

Daniel Ramirez
Deputy Director of Digital Strategies

Rosita Ramirez, Ph.D
Director of Constituency Services – Education

Martha Recio
Research Assistant – Policy, Research and Advocacy

Lillian RoCa Meza
National Call Center Supervisor

Blanca Romero
Regional Census Campaign Manager

Alma Siliezar-Perez
Deputy Director of Constituency Services

Marcus Silva
Policy Communications Manager

Jennifer Spurling
Deputy Director of Development

Rene Vasquez
Information Systems Manager

Cindia Velasco
Deputy Director of Constituency Services – Higher Education

Ana Villegas
Executive Assistant & Board Liaison

Angela Weimer Wogahn
National Director of Human Resources & Administration

Marianna S. Yamamoto
California Census Program Coordinator

Houston, TX

Elizabeth Bille
Texas State Director

Eva Hervert
Texas Program Associate

Rafael Palafox
Texas Senior Program Coordinator

Genesis Sanchez
Regional Census Campaign Manager

Jose Carrillo

National Development Director – Austin

Liliana Mireles
Regional Program Manager – San Antonio

New York, NY

Ana Chavarro
Northeast Senior Program Coordinator

Beny Poy
Northeast Program Coordinator

Juan I. Rosa
Northeast Director

Julio C. Rivera
Regional Census Campaign Manager


Juliana Cabrales Correa
Mid-Atlantic Director

Armando Cruz-Martinez
Regional Census Campaign Manager

Orlando, FL

Jackie Colón
Southeast Director

Jenny Gallego Ash
Florida Program Manager

Margaret Sanchez
Regional Census Manager

Phoenix, AZ

Anakarina Rodriguez
Regional Census Campaign Manager

Washington, DC

Amanda Bosquez
National Director of Communications

Mario J. Beovides
Director of Policy Initiatives

Lucas Cabral
Staff Assistant

Erin Hustings
Legislative Counsel

Bianca Lucero
Development Manager of Corporate Relations

Kevin Perez-Allen
Deputy Director of Communications